Pure by Valerie



PURE BY VALERIE: Ecological, inclusive brand, dedicated to all gender (transgender, gender fluid, no gender), against LGBTQ+ discrimination.

SLOGAN: Unleash your femininity.

PURE BY VALERIE was launched in 2014 by her creator Valerie, inspired by her own personal journey, sensitive to questions of gender identity and expression of singularity in order to break with heteronormed codes.

Passionate about music, the designer worked for 15 years for Madonna and Celine Dion as manager of official fan clubs and editor of magazines distributed to newsagents. Valerie supported LGBTQ + associations, including operations to fight AIDS.

In 2005, following a revelation, Valerie came out as a trans woman, thus feeling a deliverance, the activity with the artists stopped at the same time.

Finally being herself, passionate about women fashion, doing a lot of sewing during her childhood, Valérie wanted to work in the sector in order to be able to express her femininity freely.

In 2008, she was a designer representative in ready-to-wear and Haute Couture between France and Canada, regularly participated in many fashion evenings by highlighting her femininity with elegance and posing as a trans woman model for events.


Makeup for several years, sensitive to ecology, she did not find good products, mostly too chemical and irritating.

Valerie was looking for healthy and quality products, the idea of creating her own brand of ecological makeup by wanting to break the gender codes thus emerged in 2013.

Traveling regularly to North America, Valerie discovered water-based nail polish that was too short.

After much research in Europe, she found a laboratory capable of manufacturing a nail polish of natural origin meeting its quality requirements (fluid), quick to apply and good hold.

In 2014, PURE BY VALERIE was born, PURE for the natural origin of the products and VALERIE designating the designer.

The brand started with the launch of nail polish (up to 84% bio-based), the first sales of which started in Canada where the story of the designer and the originality of the products aroused great interest.

All the brand's products are of natural origin, without endocrine disruptors, vegan, without animal tests, made in France or Italy.

Pure by Valerie is dedicated to transgender, gender fluid, non gender.

Committed to LGBTQ + discrimination, Pure by Valerie makes donations to the association "Le Refuge" offering accommodation and personalized support to young LGBTQ + people, aged 18 to 25, victims of homophobia or transphobia and in situations of family rejection. (https://www.le-refuge.org/)

The brand also works with an ESWA (Establishment and Services of Work Assistance) for the packaging of products.

The mission of PURE BY VALERIE is to liberate your femininity whatever your gender identity.