Terms and conditions

Applicable from January 1st, 2020

These conditions of sale are concluded on the one hand by the company HURA COMMUNICATION with a share capital of 7,780 euros whose head office is located at 103 rue Jouffroy d'Abbans, 75017 PARIS, registered in the Trade and Companies Register of PARIS under the number 487 793 879, Tel: + 33 (0) 1 83 64 40 53, hereinafter called HURA COMMUNICATION and managing the site www.purebyvalerie.com and, on the other hand, by any natural person wishing to make a purchase via the website www.purebyvalerie.com

hereinafter referred to as "the buyer".

Article 1: object

These conditions of sale are intended to define the contractual relations between HURA COMMUNICATION and the buyer and the conditions applicable to any purchase made through the website www.purebyvalerie.com.

The acquisition of a product through this site implies unreserved acceptance by the buyer of these conditions of sale of which the buyer acknowledges having read before ordering. This acceptance will be confirmed by ticking the box corresponding to the following sentence:

"I acknowledge having read and accepted the general conditions of services and use".

By the same token, the buyer acknowledges having read them fully and accepting them without restriction. Checking the above box will be deemed to have the same value as a handwritten signature on the part of the Internet user. The buyer recognizes the proof value of the automatic registration systems of www.purebyvalerie.com and, unless he provides proof to the contrary, he renounces to dispute them in

the event of a dispute.

Before any transaction, the buyer declares on the one hand that the purchase of products on the site www.purebyvalerie.com is not directly related to his professional activity and is limited to a strictly personal use and on the other hand to have the full necessary legal capacity for

this, or failing this, if he has the authorization of a tutor or curator if he is incapable, of his legal representative if he is a minor, enabling him to commit himself under the these general conditions of sale.

The HURA COMMUNICATION company retains the possibility of modifying these conditions of sale at any time, in order to comply with any new regulations or in order to improve the use of its site. Therefore, the applicable conditions will be those in force on the date of the order by the buyer.

Article 2. Products

The products offered are those which appear on the site www.purebyvalerie.com of the company HURA COMMUNICATION within the limits of available stocks. HURA COMMUNICATION reserves the right to modify the product assortment at any time. Each product is presented on the website in the form of a description containing its main technical characteristics.

The photographs are as faithful as possible but do not bind the Seller.

HURA COMMUNICATION reserves the right to modify the assortment of products depending in particular on the constraints linked to its suppliers.

In the event that a supplier changes the aesthetics of a product (packaging), the graphic representation of this product cannot affect the sale, if the product remains identical elsewhere.

The seller agrees to modify the visual as soon as possible.

The sale of the products presented on the site www.purebyvalerie.com is intended for all buyers resident in countries which fully authorize the entry into their territory of these products.

Article 3. Price

The prices appearing on the product sheets of the internet catalog and are prices in Euros (€) all taxes included taking into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order.

Any change in the rate of French VAT may be reflected in the price of the products.

The company HURA COMMUNICATION reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, it being understood however that the price appearing in the catalog on the day of the order will be the only applicable to the buyer.

The prices indicated do not include delivery costs, invoiced in addition to the price of the products purchased according to the total amount of the order, the buyer may be liable for customs taxes upon receipt of his package according to his country of residence.

Article 4. Delivery costs and delivery times

4.1 Shipping costs:

Europe (EEC):

Fixed shipping: 15 € VAT incl. of shipping costs.

For the purchase over 90 euros: FREE.

Europe (NON-EEC):

Fixed shipping: 20 € VAT incl.of shipping costs.

For the purchase over 90 euros: FREE.

Rest of The World:
For the purchase of 1 to 2 items: 15 € VAT incl. of shipping costs in International Letter Tracking (3 cm maximum thickness).
For the purchase of 3 to 6 items: 25 € VAT incl. of shipping costs in Colissimo International within the limit of an order of 15 items maximum per shipment.

For the purchase of 7 to 15 items: 30 € VAT incl. of shipping costs in Colissimo International within the limit of an order of 15 items maximum per shipment.

For the purchase of 16 to 30 items: 40 € VAT incl. of shipping costs in Colissimo International within the limit of an order of 15 items maximum per shipment.


For the purchase over 30 items: FREE

4.2 Delivery times:


HURA COMMUNICATION will endeavor to deliver the order within 1 to 2 weeks (indicative deadlines) from payment of the order.

Rest of The World:

HURA COMMUNICATION will endeavor to deliver the order within 2 to 4 weeks (indicative deadlines) from payment of the order.

Article 5. Ordering products

5.1.1. Ordered:

Any order implies acceptance without restriction or reservation to these general conditions of sale.

In order to place an order, the buyer can select one or more Products and add them to their basket.

The availability of Products is indicated on the Site, in the description of each item. When his order is complete, he can access his basket by clicking on the button provided for this purpose.

5.1.2. Validation of the order by the buyer:

By consulting his basket, the buyer will be able to check the number and the nature of the Products he has chosen and will be able to check

their unit price, as well as their overall price. He will be able to remove one or more Products from his basket.

If his order suits him, the buyer can validate it. He will then access a form on which he can either enter his connection identifier if he already has one, or register on the Site www.purebyvalerie.com by completing the registration form using personal information concerning them.

5.1.3. Payment by the Client:

As soon as he is connected or after he has completed the registration form perfectly, the buyer will be invited to check or modify his delivery and billing details, then will be invited to make his payment by being redirected to this effect on the secure payment interface with the mention "order with payment obligation" or any similar formula.

At no time can the sums paid be considered as a deposit or down payment.

All orders are payable in euros.

Article 6. Creation of personal space:


Before any order, the customer must create an account on the site www.purebyvalerie.com. The creation of a personal space is aprerequisite for any order from a customer on the Site.

To this end, the customer will be asked to provide a certain amount of personal information.

Some of this information is deemed essential for the creation of personal space. The refusal by a customer to provide this information will have the effect of preventing the creation of the personal space as well as, incidentally, the validation of the order.

When creating the personal space, the customer is invited to choose a password.

This password guarantees the confidentiality of the information contained in the personal space. The client therefore refrains from transmitting it or communicating it to a third party.

Otherwise, HURA COMMUNICATION cannot be held responsible for unauthorized access to a buyer's personal space.


6.1. Content of personal space:

The personal space allows the customer to consult and follow all his orders placed on the Site. The pages relating to personal spaces are freely printable by the account holder in question, but do not constitute admissible evidence by a court. They are only for information intended to ensure effective management of his orders by the buyer.

HURA COMMUNICATION undertakes to securely store all the contractual elements the conservation of which is required by law or regulations in force. The client undertakes to regularly verify the data concerning him and to proceed online, from his personal space, to the necessary updates and modifications.

6.2. Deletion of personal space:

HURA COMMUNICATION reserves the right to delete the account of any Client who contravenes these general conditions, in particular when the Client provides inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or fraudulent information, as well as when the Client's personal space has remained inactive since at least a year.

Said deletion will not be liable to constitute a fault of HURA COMMUNICATION or damage to the excluded Customer, who will not be able to claim any compensation for this fact.

This exclusion is without prejudice to the possibility for HURA COMMUNICATION to take legal action against the Client, when the facts have justified it.

Article 7. Payment terms:

The company HURA COMMUNICATION offers the buyer to order and pay for his products in several stages: - Secure payment by Paypal (via the PAYPAL system): the buyer selects the products he wishes to order in the "basket", modifies if need (quantities, references…), check the delivery address or fill in a new one. Then, the shipping costs are calculated and submitted to the buyer, as well as the name of the carrier. Then, the buyer chooses the payment method of his choice: "Payment by Paypal".

The next step offers him to check all of the information, read and accept these general conditions of sale by checking the corresponding box, then invites him to confirm his order by clicking on the "Confirm my order" button.

Finally, the buyer is redirected to the secure PAYPAL interface in order to securely enter their Paypal account or personal credit card references. If the payment is accepted, the order is recorded and the contract definitively formed.

Payment by Paypal account or by credit card is irrevocable. HURA COMMUNICATION reserves the right to suspend or cancel any order and / or delivery, whatever its nature and level of performance, in the event of non-payment of any amount that would be due by the buyer, in the event of 'payment incident or in the event of a dispute with the buyer.

Penalties of an amount equal to the legal interest rate increased by five points are automatically applicable to amounts unpaid after a period of ten days following the invoice date or upon notification of the rejection of bank payment for any other means of payment.

The delivery of any new order may be suspended in the event of late payment of a previous order and this notwithstanding the provisions herein.

For any payment, HURA COMMUNICATION reserves the right to request a photocopy of the identity card of the 'Buyer and, where applicable, that of the holder of the means of payment used by the Buyer.

For amounts greater than 150 euros including tax, HURA COMMUNICATION reserves the right to request a certified photocopy of an identity document. As part of the fight against fraud on the Internet, information relating to your order may be transmitted to any third party for verification.

The confirmation of an order implies acceptance of these conditions of sale, the recognition of having perfect knowledge of it and the renunciation of availing oneself of its own conditions of purchase. All the data provided and the confirmation recorded will constitute proof of the transaction.

If the buyer has an email address and if he has entered it on his order form, HURA COMMUNICATION will send him confirmation of the registration of his order by email.

If the buyer wishes to contact HURA COMMUNICATION, he can do so by mail to the following address:


103 rue Jouffroy d'Abbans,


or by email using the contact form.

Article 8. Retention of title

The HURA COMMUNICATION company retains full ownership of the products sold until full payment of the price, in principal, costs and taxes included.

Article 9. Withdrawal

Under article L121-20 of the French Consumer Code for distance selling, the buyer has a period of fourteen working days from the delivery of their order to exercise their right of withdrawal and thus return of the product to the seller for exchange or refund without penalty, except for return costs.

In the case of an order relating to several goods delivered separately or in the case of an order of a good composed of lots or multiple pieces whose delivery is staggered over a defined period, the period runs from receipt the last good or lot or the last piece.

For contracts providing for the regular delivery of goods for a defined period, the period runs from the receipt of the first good.

When the period of fourteen days expires on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public or non-working day, it is extended until the first following working day.

The products must be returned to HURA COMMUNICATION in perfect condition for resale, in their original condition (packaging, accessories, instructions ...), duly sealed, unused, without undue delay and, at the latest, within fourteen days following the communication of its decision to withdraw.

The right of withdrawal is valid only for purchases made on the Internet, no purchase in shops, fairs and exhibitions can benefit from this right.

The products must not have been opened or used, even for testing purposes, the seal must be intact. Any product that has been damaged, or whose original packaging has been damaged, will not be refunded or exchanged. In the case of heat-sealed products, the right of withdrawal is excluded by article R121.1 of the French Commercial Code goods that cannot be returned for hygienic reasons, this therefore concerns nail polish and UV gels. When a buyer returns products, any risk related to the return of the product is the responsibility of the buyer and the shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

If the above conditions are met, HURA COMMUNICATION will exchange the product or reimburse the purchaser, within fourteen days, the sums corresponding to the products acquired by him. The conditions, deadlines and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal are set out in the standard form provided at the end of these general conditions.

Article 10. Return of products by mail

To return an item, the buyer must contact HURA COMMUNICATION to notify them of the return. He can do this by email, specifying the order number and the reference of the item (s) concerned as mentioned in the delivery slip. Once the seller has been notified, the buyer will send the concerned parcel to the following address:

Hura Communication

(Pure By Valerie Customer Service)

103 rue Jouffroy d'Abbans,


HURA COMMUNICATION will not accept parcels addressed postage due.


Article 11. Delivery

Deliveries are made to the address indicated on the order form which can only be in the agreed geographical area. Orders are placed by La Poste (French Postal Service), delivery service with tracking, delivery without signature. Delivery times are given for information only; if these exceed thirty days from the order, the sales contract may be terminated and the buyer reimbursed. This clause does not apply if the delay in delivery is due to major force.

In such a case, the Customer undertakes not to prosecute HURA COMMUNICATION and waives to avail himself of the resolution of the sale provided for in this article. The company HURA COMMUNICATION may provide by e-mail to the buyer the tracking number of his package. The buyer is delivered to his home by his postman.

In the absence of the buyer, he will receive a delivery notice from his postman, which allows him to collect the products ordered from the nearest post office, for a period indicated by the postal services. Transport risks are the responsibility of the purchaser from the moment the items leave the premises of HURA COMMUNICATION.

The buyer is required to check, in the presence of the Postman employee or the delivery person, the condition of the packaging of the goods and their content on delivery. In the event of damage during transport, any protest must be made to the carrier within three days of delivery.

Article 12. Guarantee

All products supplied by the company HURA COMMUNICATION benefit from the legal guarantee provided for by articles 1641 and following of the French Civil Code. In the event of non-conformity of a product sold, it may be returned to HURA COMMUNICATION, which will take it back, exchange it or reimburse it.

All complaints, requests for exchange or reimbursement must be made by post to the following address:

HURA COMMUNICATION, 103 rue Jouffroy d'Abbans, 75017 PARIS, FRANCE, within thirty days after delivery.

Article 13. Liability

HURA COMMUNICATION, in the distance selling process, is only bound by an obligation of means.

HURA COMMUNICATION undertakes to take the care and diligence necessary for the supply of quality Products and / or Services in accordance with the specifications of these General Conditions

13.1 Major Force - Client's fault

HURA COMMUNICATION will not be held liable in the event of major force or the Customer's fault, as defined in this article:

13.2.1. Major Force

Within the meaning of these general conditions, will be considered a case of major force opposable to the Customer any prevention, limitation or disturbance of the Service due to fire, epidemic, pandemic, explosion, earthquake, band fluctuations busy, failure attributable to the access provider, failure of transmission networks, collapse of facilities, illicit or fraudulent use of passwords, codes or references provided to the Customer, computer hacking, a flaw security attributable to the Site host or developers, flood, blackout, war, embargo, law, injunction, request or requirement of any government, requisition, strike, boycott, or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of HURA COMMUNICATION.

In such circumstances, HURA COMMUNICATION will be excused from the performance of its obligations within the limits of this impediment, this limitation or this inconvenience.

13.2.2. Fault of the Client

Within the meaning of these General Conditions, the Customer's fault against the latter will be considered as any misuse of the Service,

fault, negligence, omission or failure on his part or that of his employees, non-compliance with the advice given by HURA COMMUNICATION on its Site www.purebyvalerie.com, any illicit disclosure or use of the password, codes and references of the Client, as well as the provision of erroneous information or the absence of updating of such information in his personal space.


The implementation of any technical process, such as robots, or automatic requests, the implementation of which would contravene the letter or the spirit of these general conditions of sale, will also be considered as a fault of the Customer.

13.3. Technical problems - Hypertext links

In the event of impossibility of access to the Site www.purebyvalerie.com, due to technical problems of all kinds, the Customer will not be able to claim damage and will not be able to claim any compensation. The unavailability, even prolonged and without any limited duration, of one or more online services, may not constitute prejudice for Customers and may in no way give rise to the award of damages from HURA COMMUNICATION.

The hypertext links on the Site www.purebyvalerie.com may refer to other websites.

HURA COMMUNICATION cannot be held liable if the content of these sites contravenes the laws in force.

Likewise, HURA COMMUNICATION cannot be held liable if the Internet user's visit to one of these sites causes it harm.

In the current state of the art, the rendering of representations of the Products offered for sale on this Site, in particular in terms of colors or shapes, may vary significantly from one computer workstation to another or differ from reality depending on the quality of the graphic accessories and the screen or according to the resolution of the display.

These variations and differences cannot in any event be attributed to HURA COMMUNICATION, which cannot in any case be held liable for this fact.

13.4. Damages

In the absence of contrary legal or regulatory provisions, HURA COMMUNICATION's liability is limited to direct, personal and certain damage suffered by the Customer and linked to the failure in question. HURA COMMUNICATION cannot under any circumstances be held liable for indirect damage such as, in particular, loss of data, commercial damage, loss of orders, damage to the brand image, commercial disturbances and loss of profits or clients. Similarly and within the same limits, the amount of damages charged to HURA COMMUNICATION may not in any event exceed the price of the Product and / or the Service ordered.

13.5. Liability as a host

The data, including comments, published on the Site www.purebyvalerie.com by the Customer are under his own responsibility. In this context, www.purebyvalerie.com will benefit from the status of data host within the meaning of article 6-I-2 of the French Law for confidence in the digital economy of June 21, 2004.

In accordance with paragraph 3 of the same article, HURA COMMUNICATION cannot be held liable for civil or criminal liability for these comments, unless, from the moment it becomes aware of the illegal activity or information, he did not act promptly to withdraw this information or to make access to it impossible.

Article 14. Intellectual property

All elements of the site www.purebyvalerie.com are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of the company HURA COMMUNICATION.

Nobody is authorized to reproduce, exploit, or use for any reason whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site

whether in the form of photo, logo, visual or text under penalty of legal action for counterfeiting. published on the Site are for information only, without guarantee of accuracy.


HURA COMMUNICATION can in no way be held responsible for any omission, inaccuracy or any

error contained in this information and which would be the source of direct or indirect damage caused to the Internet user.

15. Cookies and IP addresses of Internet users

15.1. Cookies

15.1.1. Purpose of the implementation of cookies

In order to allow all Internet users an optimal navigation on this Site as well as a better functioning of the different interfaces and applications, HURA COMMUNICATION may proceed to the installation of a cookie on the Internet user's computer station.

15.1.2. Purpose of cookies

Cookies make it possible to store information relating to navigation on the Site (date, page, hours), as well as any data entered by Internet users during their visit (searches, login, email, password). These cookies are intended to be stored on the Internet user's computer station for a variable duration of up to 1 year, and may be read and used by www.purebyvalerie.com during a subsequent Internet user's visit to the this Site.

15.1.3. Faculty of opposition of the Internet user to the implantation of cookies

The Internet user has the possibility of blocking, modifying the retention period, or deleting these cookies via the interface of their browser (generally: tools or options / privacy or confidentiality).

In such a case, navigation on this Site will not be optimized. If the systematic

deactivation of cookies on the Internet browser prevents him from using certain Services, this malfunction cannot in any case constitute damage to the Internet user who cannot claim any compensation for this fact.

15.1.4. Deletion of implanted cookies

Internet users also have the option of deleting the cookies installed on their computer, by going to the menu of their browser provided for this purpose (generally, tools or options / privacy or confidentiality). Such an action makes internet users lose the benefit provided by cookies.

15.2. IP addresses

15.2.1. Definition and collection of IP addresses

The IP address corresponds to a series of numbers separated by dots allowing the unique identification of a computer on the Internet.

HURA COMMUNICATION reserves the right to collect the public IP address of all Internet users. This IP address will be collected anonymously. The IP address of Internet users will be kept for the duration required by law.

5.2.2. Communication of IP addresses 

HURA COMMUNICATION must communicate all personal data relating to an Internet user to the Police upon judicial requisition or to any person by judicial decision. The IP address may be reconciled with the effective identity of the Internet user in the event of communication of this information by an internet service provider.


Article 16. Personal data

The company HURA COMMUNICATION undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of the information provided by the buyer, which he would have to transmit for the use of certain services. All information concerning him is subject to the provisions of the French Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978. As such, the Internet user has the right to access, modify and delete information concerning him. He can make the request at any time by mail to the following address:


103 rue Jouffroy d'Abbans,



Article 17. Settlement of disputes

These distance selling conditions are subject to French law. For all disputes or litigation, the competent court will be that of PARIS.


Article 18. Languages of these general conditions

These general conditions are offered in English and can be revised at any time.


In the case of distance selling, as defined by article L. 121-16 of the French Consumer Code, within fourteen days, including holidays, from the order or the commitment to purchase, the Customer has the right to waive it by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

If this period normally expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a public or non-working day, it is extended until the next working day.

Any clause in the contract whereby the customer waives his right to renounce his order or his commitment to purchase is null and void.

This article does not apply to contracts concluded under the conditions provided for in Article L. 121-16-1. If you cancel your order, you can use the detachable form opposite.


Consumer Code art. L. 121-17 Conditions:

∗ complete and sign this form

∗ send it by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to:

Hura Communication

(Pure By Valerie Customer Service)

103 rue Jouffroy d'Abbans, 75017 PARIS, FRANCE

∗ send it at the latest on the fourteenth day from the day of the order or, if this period normally expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a public

holiday, the first working day following.

I, the undersigned, declare to cancel the following order:

∗ Nature of the goods or service

ordered: ........................................ ........................ .......................... .................................................. .........................................

......... ............

∗ Date of order: ............................................ .................................................. .................

∗ Date of receipt of the order: .......................................... ...............................................

∗ Customer name: ............................................. .................................................. ...........................

∗ Customer

address: ............................................. .................................................. .................................................. .....................................

............. .

Client's signature :